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06 December 2019
New article published
Gilbertson, S. (2019). Imagining something else: A queer essay. Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy, 19(3), Available from

Article subsections:

Section One: The first pass

Questioning. Sense, terminology, speech and in-bodyment - Queering: There is another way - Becoming nervous - Something new: The Queer Nervous non-System (QNnS) - Queering inscription and its devices

Section 2: Another flight

Sense and Quantum inseparability: Queering human+material - Pen and Paper: Drawing into the Gap - Queering equipment: 'Camera/concept, Concept/camera' - Queering ontology anbd moving towards ontogenesis of argument - Queering potentially oppresive+anti-oppressive, potentially tortourous+emancipatory discourse - Queering what a discipline is

Section Three: Material Inscription Analysis

Being a producer - Where does the ontology come from and where is it going? - Thinking about everyone and everything in music therapy: Materiality Inscription Analysis (MIA) - In place of a Conclusion: A final question

19-20 November 2019

Comic Care project collaboration begins with Neil Max Emmanuel (Nee Nee Creative, London, UK) through the financial support of an Internationalization Research Grant from the Faculty of Fine, Arts, Music and Dance, University of Bergen

14-15 November 2019

Seminar presentation with Hagit Yakira (University of Stavanger, Dance) as part of the Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education National Seminar, University of Stavanger