Selected publications

Gilbertson, S. & Hebert, D. (2021). Music in a concussion monologue. Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy, 21(3),

Article subsections:

Section One: The first pass

Questioning. Sense, terminology, speech and in-bodyment - Queering: There is another way - Becoming nervous - Something new: The Queer Nervous non-System (QNnS) - Queering inscription and its devices

Section 2: Another flight

Sense and Quantum inseparability: Queering human+material - Pen and Paper: Drawing into the Gap - Queering equipment: 'Camera/concept, Concept/camera' - Queering ontology anbd moving towards ontogenesis of argument - Queering potentially oppresive+anti-oppressive, potentially tortourous+emancipatory discourse - Queering what a discipline is

Section Three: Material Inscription Analysis

Being a producer - Where does the ontology come from and where is it going? - Thinking about everyone and everything in music therapy: Materiality Inscription Analysis (MIA) - In place of a Conclusion: A final question


  • Gilbertson, S. and Aldridge, D. (2008). Music therapy and traumatic brain injury: A light on a dark night. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • 'This book is a must read for music therapy researchers who are looking for innovative ways to document evidence of change that can be directly linked back to the therapeutic-musical relationship... This book is a valuable contribution to the growing body of evidence of music therapy's beneficial effects with minimaly responsive people.' - International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation