A dialogical creative practice illustration: Co-constitution and inseparability

A presentation by Hagit Yakira and Simon Gilbertson at "Connections": the National Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education Seminar at the University of Stavanger, 14-15th November 2019


Presentation summary
When asked to collaborate we began talking with each other’s positions in mind that were self-created and only informed by written paraphrases about the other (project descriptions, websites, digital images). During the first conversation we experienced the shifting of presumption and expectation, a warming of familiarity and shared codes, and inquisitiveness awoken by terms and theories that were momentarily novel and unfamiliar. This dialogical creative practice illustration will invite participants to co-constitutively join us in the next phase of our collaboration – an exploration of research techniques of listening, caring and empathetic responsibility. Ever present in this process are the theoretical verbal and kinesthetic phenomena

Partners: Hagit Yakira and Simon Gilbertson
Hagit Yakira is an Associate Professor at the University of Stavanger at the Performing Arts Faculty. Founder of Hagit Yakira dance company, with over 12 years’ experience choreographing and 20 years’ experience teaching and performing dance in the UK, EU, Scandinavia and Israel. My work is informed by a Dance Movement Therapy background. With emotion at its core and a profound movement style and improvisation methods, my work aims to resonate intimately with audiences. The company today is a collective of artists, collaborators, professional and non-professional dancers simply sharing my vision and an appreciation for dance as a down-to-earth medium for expression and connection.

Simon Gilbertson’s current position (2019) is as Associate Professor, Music Therapy, The Grieg Academy – Department of Music, University of Bergen, Norway. His training is in music performance, ethnomusicology and composition and music therapy. Since 1993, Gilbertson has worked as a therapist, researcher and educator in clinics/universities in England, Germany, Ireland and Norway with children/adults with unique developmental and health biographies. He is also the Leader of the Grieg Research School for Interdisciplinary Music Studies and convener of Materializing Care: An international cross-professional network.