Simon Keith Gilbertson, Dr. rer. medic, Dipl. Music Therapist (NR), Dipl. Music Therapist (Univeristy Witten/Herdecke), HPC Registered Music Therapist (Arts Therapies)

Simon Gilbertson is is a musician, music therapist and researcher. He works on how beliefs about the world and human experience of it are used to create rationale and explanations for, and of, health care. He currently has a position as Associate Professor, Music Therapy, Grieg Academy, University of Bergen, Norway.

Simon completed his early training as a musician at the Junior School of the Royal Academy of Music with Alan Owen (piano, composition) and John Wilbraham (trumpet) and then studied composition and King's College, University of London. He qualified as a music therapist in 1993. Since then he has worked as a therapist, researcher and educator in clinics and universities in England, Germany and Ireland with children/adults with unique developmental and health biographies. He received his doctoral qualification in 2005 from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Witten/Herdecke for his work on Improvisational music therapy with people who had severe traumatic brain injuries. Alongside contenmporary music therapy theory and practices, Simon has a interest in things, anthropology, the history of the senses and ontogenesis and how these might affect research, practice and education. Alongside interdisciplinary, mutlidisciplinary, pluridisciplinary work, he also considers some of his work without applying the 'disiplinary' and doesn't really mind where good ideas come from.

Editorial Board Member, The Arts in Psychotherapy

Editorial Review Board Member, The Canadian Journal of Music Therapy

Reviewer, International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation

Leader and Scientific Advisory Board Member: Grieg Research School for Interdisciplinary Music Studies

Advisory Board Member: TVEPS - Centre for interprofessional education in primary health care