In separability

A project about ontology and ontogenesis

Where does knowing about the world come from? This project explores how knowing is done, made and performed.

In visible hands

The matter and making of music therapy

A project exploring music therapy practice through embodied process of viscerally-supported recall of practitioner knowledge and experience.

In audible movements

Exploring inaudible and audible movements in improvised music making

This project asks, "what are, and what are the roles of inaudible movements in audible music making?". By using state-of-the-art research hard- and software from Noldus Information Technology it is possible to follow a magnitude of movements which would have otherwise gone un-remarked, silenced by priviledging the visibly audible.

In corporeal time

The body. The musical score. An exploration of the pulses of musicians and audience, their incorporeal and in corporeal rhythms

This project is a research education project which aims to inspire students to consider a wider range of sites of knowing than the obvious. By transgressing the human skin, this simultaneous search for rhythms within and outside of the body provides an opportunity to consider how connections are drawn between people simultaneously.

Central, peripheral, social

Re-conceptualizing neurological trauma and illness

A series of publications which include discussions of the need for a re-designing of the understanding and portrayal of neurological trauma and illness that reflects contemporary theory on ecological and extended cognition, embodiment and matter, and the inseparability of the ecological human regardless of neurological status or physical care environment. What is needed is an understanding of plasticity as central, peripheral, and social.

Instruments for humans

Creating instruments in the fluidity of human ecology

Whether it is for a millimeter movement of an isolated extremity following a severe traumatic brain injury, or creating an instrument for whole congregation, this project seeks to generate instruments and instrument interfaces that reflect the human predicament and the ecological possibilities at a highly individualised niveau.